Sophisticated mobile phones able to Detect Cancer

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Sophisticated mobile phones Can Detect Cancer

Sophisticated mobile phones Can Detect Cancer – Researchers based in the United States is developing a smart phone technology that can detect cancer cells. The accuracy of this phone-based system has almost reached 100 percent in detecting differences in benign and malignant tumors.

Translational Medicine report in Science shows the results of 100 per cent accurate diagnosis while researching another 20 patients were examined. For comparison, standard pathology tests on similar samples only reached the level of accuracy between 74 and 84 per cent.

The phone is able to change the treatment of cancer and facilitate doctors to track the disease, also measure the level of treatment will be given to patients to combat the degenerative disease.

The device, developed at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, United States, it consists of a small device that, through the smart phone will detect lumps that are often feared as cancer. This device is connected to a mini-sized MRI machines as well.

Ralph Weissleder was a scientist from the Massachusetts General Hospital developed a machine called a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which allows the identification of chemical compounds to find out their reaction in a magnetic field.

The researchers then took samples of cells from a suspicious lump found in the patient’s body, just with a thin needle. Then hold the magnet in an MRI machine that stimulates the molecule in the sample cell. The more the molecules vibrate, there is a possibility that it was the cancer cells. Within one hour you can know whether the suspicious lump in the body of a cancer patient is dangerous or benign.

Conventional cancer tests conducted by expert ontologies. Step is to take some cells from the lump using a large needle and then analyzed in the laboratory. Usually this kind of laboratory tests did not provide sufficient certainty and are not effective because it takes time for days.

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